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francisco passer was part of that vote. >> this nation is a democracy. >> dr. amos brown is on the board that passed the resolution in support of gay marriage rights. saw stand he says that tries to separate religious views from religious rights. >> this does not mean that this state -- this nation -- any faster. you must marry the person of same sex. >> comes just as controversy over gay marriage rights has caused deep divisions in african-american movie. >> goes against many african- americans that oppose gay marriage. >> six out of 10 oppose gay marriage as a principal and rooted in the african-american church. >> ap or african persons decide to support recently taken the stand in support of gay marriage rights. it's about time for the black community to have a deep dialogue. >> i think it's a good step. i think it long over new that it's being addressed. >> dr. brown said but supports it as a civil rights issue and question is whether others will agree with him come november. reporting live in san francisco ktvu channel 2 news. >> students plan to hold a vigil tonight to push for a m
investment to happen. >>> jerry brown is set to unveil his revised budget plan after announcing the state faces an even bigger deficit than predicted. brown said the budget gap will grow almost $7 billion more than expected due to weak tax revenues and slow progress in cutting budgets. the projected shortfall is now $16 billion. tomorrow in los angeles, brown is scheduled to introduce a new fiscal plan and outline how he proposes to fill that budget gap. one effort to recall oakland major gene quan appears to be fizzling out. one plan has until tomorrow to collect signatured needed. there won't be enough time to gather all the required signatures. the southbound group has until july 2nd to -- the second group has until july 2nd to collect the needed signatures. >>> despite indication that is the group had planned to leave, there had been word protesters would remove their farming equipment but instead the university says the group stayed overnight. the occupiers took over the land back on earth day and want to create a community urban farm. the project is set to begin on the land this wee
so the work can get done quickly. >>> governor brown is trying to get the tax hike on the november ballot. brown's campaign says they got 1.5 million signaturetures. they--signatures. the money is going the be used for the schools. >>> look at these pictures who may show the person who vandalized a church. police hope that someone show noe this is man. he damaged the holy cross catholic church. there was a statue painted black and a fount was broken as well. >>> [ indiscernible ] a vehicle without consent, a yellow, a teenager accused of stealing a sports car and our crew is there. >>> a sneak peek inside at a --inside twitters new head quarters. >>> coming up, the temperature change you recollect not expect for tomorrow. and we'll have the warms day of the upcoming week. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids? it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day,
>>> governor brown is making a new push to raise taxes after new projections show the state budget is in even more dire straits than expected. >> california is looking at a lot more red ink in the state budget with new estimates putting the deficit beyond $15 billion. we will learn more details as the revised budget on monday comes out. but we already know at least one way the governor plans to deal with the deficit. >> reporter: you know, you see this kind of thing in a lot of communities. parents say they already pitch in a lot of their own money to education. and tonight, the governor warned of more cuts to education, and public safety, if voters don't approve those tax hikes in november. >> i'm governor jerry brown -- >> reporter: about a minute into this video, he announced the bad news. >> we're facing a $16 billion hole, not the $9 billion we thought in january. >> i'm not surprised. it's bad. it's our future that they're compromising. >> reporter: tracy joyce has two daughters in school in contra costa and isn't happy to hear education is back on the chopping block. >> i'm
voters support governor brown's tax hikes. 59% of likely voters favor the ballot initiative that would temporarily raise the sales tax and tax high wage earners. california faces a budget deficit of $16 billion. >>> governor brown is starting an investigation. the ap says only 40% of the 15 million collected so far has gone to anti terror programs. they were supposed to get 85%. and almost none has gone to pay for scholarships from children from california who lost their parents in the attacks as was supposed to happen. the rest was reportedly used to reduce the state's budget deficit or to pay for other budget items. >>> the california high speed rail process has a new boss, he's jeff morales. morales has previously worked on president obama's transition team. morales said he was honored and looked forward to working on the high speed rail project. >>> it appears more drivers acted responsibly this memorial day weekend. that is down from 119 arrests made at the same time last year. two fatal crashes were reported over the weekend the same as last year. >>> a player on the san jose s
the puck it costs them. bryan pastel yacht. later in the fourth. the blues got everybody but dustin brown went high to the glove of elliot. brown ended an empty nether late. after they knocked off vancouver, the team that was top seeded. now on to the western conference finals for l. a. new jersey was a 4-2 winner over the flyers. >>> this play didn't affect the outcome of the a's-rays game. that's sean rodriguez making an incredible play to retire ing. he may have gotten caught up in the moment. if you are ing, batting about 40 you want all the hits you can get and you're saying i beat that if you are in but that's not what the call was. that's it for this late sunday night supports wrap. have a good week everybody. >> big series coming up,. >> yeah then they go to arizona. it's very early but the giants could get something done if they do well in those games. >> thank you, joe. >>> we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to join the ktvu morning news at 4:30 a.m. they'll have all the news from overnight. and with remember we're always here for you. thanks so much for joining
and weighs 111 pounds. governor brown ordered an audit of california specialty license plate program in a wake of saving review. reports money to sell 9/11 license plate is no longer going to scholarships as promised and being used the to -- says a scholarship fund was meant for victims at the september 11 terrorists attack here in california but has not been funded for 7 years. some of that money has apparently been used instead to cover the state budget deficit. >>> a new study looks at injuries caused by police tasers. john will explain how the new findings could impact one bay area police department. >>> i contacted a florida researcher who studied 14,000 incidents and found compared batons or pepper stray when stun guns are used injuries are more common and more serious. >> on one hand there's an increased of citizens an on the other hand there's a decrease risk for the officers i would much rather see someone bruised or cut with a stun gun than killed with a firearm. >> police officer association president gary says lobbying san francisco to allow tasers. the aclu kelly evans s
says everybody has a responsibility share a message of unity and love. >>> jerry brown says the school district in california may need to cut three weeks of classes if voters reject the tax hike. if the the government governor's tax plan fails public schools would see 5.5. bel dollars cuts. the san francisco school superintendent says they have already cut and more cuts are not the answer. >> we have the shortest school year of any industrialized country in the world and we think we're going fix our economic issues by cutting more days? >> the standard school year as 180 dice instruction but 35% of the can california schools readied their days by 1-5 days since it was approved in 2009. >>> the dreaded news confirmed today for hew let packard. many layoffs. our consumer editor tells us what brought one to this point. >> it was quiet before and after the announcement. while some of these actions are difficult because they involve the loss of job they are necessary so to fund the long term health of the country. they didn't say hp missed or abandon key trends. >> it's smart phones and tab
increase depends on the state budget and could range from 6% into the double digits. jerry brown allude $200 million in funding if voters failed to approve a tax increase in november. therapy they claim to make strays pass final states committee in sacramento this afternoon. the measure forbid the use of conversion therapy for minors. they'll have to sign a release form saying that counseling is ineffective and possibly dangerous. such treatments can cause depression and draw people to suicide. the bill will go to the state senate. meantime north carolina voters tonight passed a constitutional amendment defining marriage as between a man and woman only. the amendment won 60% of the vote. north carolina already banned same sex marriage, this new measure will forbid civil unions between same sex partners. it comes as joe biden were public support for gay marriage for the first time. >>> now to the race for president, mitt romney tonight won primaries in indiana, north carolina and west virginia drawing close tore the 1144 delegates needed to win the republican nomination. the former massa
't be available on sunday. the party starts tomorrow when governor jerry brown faces the 75th anniversary dedication ceremony. in san francisco ktvu channel 2 news. >> and you can go to to learn more about the big weekend celebration. we've posted a golden gate at 75 on our home page with links to special slide shows along with event information. one of san francisco's oldest landmarks about to receive a much needed make over. board of supervisors allocated $1.7 million for the project. renovations are planned for the roof and bathrooms. city leaders have not yet released a timeline for the renovations. >> look what aleck try beck is asking you the question, you must be be doing something right. one acknowledge -- knowledge about the earth is making news coast to coast. the weather looks like it's taking a turn. we'll find out about a chance of showers, even thunderstorms. gp >>> new report card on water quality of california beaches shows an improvement here in the bay area. nonprofit healed the bay study. sampled water taken from the ocean at 441 locations around the state. bra
've seen everything go completely rock bottom. >> where is the up in this. >> governor brown's budget did not cut through 12, but it does call for deeper cut to higher education. you can go to to view an outline of the governor's proposed cut. phase 2 of the end of tour california wrapped up a couple of ours ago. 130 races left the marina green around 11 this morning. they peddled 170 miles down the coast. >> ment be -- those last 20k are just suffering so bad. it's internally, you think it's never going to end. >> ment to believe saw say three began in san jose with a climb of -- along the way. the city of oakland fires back. a christian live with san francisco's pick and what oakland leaders have to say about it. >>> we're here in san francisco at this site here appear -- peers -- piers 30 and 32 from our camera you can see that this area right now is just a parking lot but as san francisco leaders get their wish, this could be the new home for the warriors. tonight's giant game drew tens of thousands of baseball fans at san francisco's waterfront. now city leaders are hoping t
, and chronicle editor bill brownstein. >>> governor jerry brown removed a doctor from a state advisory panel after she appeared in tv ads opposing a tobacco tax. she spoke on behalf of the tobacco-funded proposition 29 campaign. the governor fired her along with five republicans from a committee that identifies substances dangerous to infants. they raised concerns about herry position considering her stance on prop 29 and participation in clean water regulations. >>> a bay area congresswoman says she is troubled a move could slow to restore the blimp hangar. the representative says that nasa wants to bridge in the general services administration to review where the airfield will go. rather than restarting the process after so many years of work by the community. >>> facebook ceo answers tough kweus. as he brought his home show home to silicone valley. they met with investigators at the kraupb plaza hotel. they crown plaza hotel. >> they believe it is a real business and it is going to go some place but what is it worth? we will make that decision. >> so far no date for the ipo but it is expe
of darnelle brown. that little boy you see right there, they say darnelle was sitting with his dad. the next thing the dad knows, darnelle slips down into the drain hole. that's a 20-foot deep casing. he fell in and you see all those big, burly firefighters, you think they can climb down there and get him? no. they had something up their sleeves in that fire department. this woman, rosa tellis, 4'11". >> she is tiny. she fit in that hole. >> it was tight but as you can see, i'm really small. >> she said this was very special to her for a big reason. >> i have boys so it is kind of personal. it just makes it all worth coming to work and being dropped down a hole to be able to hand them their baby back. >> was he injured in any way? >> he was taken to the hospital, treated, released, bumps and bruises. >> i bet that little boy was terrified. >> i don't think he will walk by a manhole without thinking of this. >> look. it is the blue sky tornado. >> now, is this officially a tornado and not maybe some sort of dust storm? >> it is. see where it happens. >> and we've heard of sacci bombers and ph
to what the mayor had to say. this is byron brown. >> our message is clear that if you commit this kind of crime or any other kind of crime in the city of buffalo, we are watching. the video surveillance cameras are always watching. >> it always seems like there's somebody who wants to jump from the roof to the swimming pool at the big end-of-the-year party, right? take a look at this one. this is at colorado state university at the rams village apartment complex in fort collins. this is sophomore ian smith. he jumps off the roof. and you see him eventually in the pool. looks like a successful attempt. but when you look closer, ian actually hit the pavement first. a body then sort of rolled into the pool. ian got seriously injured during this. according to his brother, he broke his ankles. he broke his heels. he has multiple broken vertebrae in his lower back, and he's in critical condition. >> he could be paralyzed. >> some of the paramedics say this guy is lucky to be alive. kusa did a story about this. the reporter in this video shows the distance between the house and the swimming p
brown's "look at me now." ♪ well, he's back and in his latest video he's tackling those on the internet who incorrectly use your and you're. he's doing it to the tune of "somebody i used to know." ♪ >> i love this man! >> if you can kind of understand his very fast rap style, he gets to the point here, the differences between you're and your. >> this one is a contraction like you apostrophe are. >> why is it so it difficult to understand this? >> i'm going to hug you for bringing this video into my life! >> if you want to check out the entire video, head to >> i have a new crush. i think i have a crush on pancake rapper. >>> a little staple chase action. >>> and he actually kind of pulled a matrix >>> this is max. max is cute to the max, but his talent? not so much. as you can see, there's a rake in his mouth, and he's trying to get through the door but he can't figure out that he can't. >> oh, he can't figure out just to put it in sideways and walk through the door of. >> if he just put one end in and then slides in and does the other end. can't figure it out. >>
female peacock love. >> i thought they were brown and didn't have feathers. >> no, that's the male. >> i thought they were blue. >> i'm pretty sure that christiane minored in peacockology. >> females are green. >> the males are the fancy ones. >> it doesn't matter. >> i know that i'm wrong. >> this kangaroo was trying to get himself a little bit of peacock tail. >> imagine that cross breed. >> a kangacock. >> or a pearoo. >>> that's it for our show. thanks so much for joining us. if you have one more video, this is the beginning of the 2012 cliff diving series. enjoy it! cliff diving series. enjoy it! we'll see you tomorrow. -- captions by vitac --
are not allowed to go in the house. >> i have a feeling this guy is going to probably have to turn in his brown shorts. >>> a bad day here at the "right this minute" studio is when our youtube videos don't play. >> when we don't have internet connection. >> yes. check out the bad day they had at wibw, a local news station in topeka, kansas. the surveillance video picks up from the lobby of their station, a man grabs a lamp, smashes it through the front door and makes his way into the station. the man walks down the hall, and then begins punching and fighting a number of employees. before you know it, almost ten guys are out there, trying to subdue this man who has been identified as ray miles. a homeless veteran. now, it looks like they have him subdued. but this is when the worst happens. ray miles starts biting some of these men, and eventually pulls out a knife. there's even a bigger struggle. a man is now standing on top of him, ray actually stabbed two employees, one of which was a man who was a sales manager. he was -- the whole time screaming, i'm going to fing kill you all. the two men
the protests. >>> the highway patrol says sheila maloski seen here in the brown outfit was driving just south of the golden gate bridge on may 12 when she hit two vehicles and just kept going. officers say moloski had a blood alcohol level higher than .08%. she was the target of protest last october for her disciplinary methods at polimer elementary school. she forced children to eat in the basement and gave demerits for bathroom trips. >>> police say 22-year-old jose lombreros was speeding last friday when he hit a round about and then a tree. his girlfriend, a recent college graduate killed and his son is now in critical condition. >>> a woman takes action when she sees a wheelchair slip off a dock. how that man is doing now. >> these people are not >>> young girls are inundated with images of flawless faces and thin physiques but these images are not always real. gasia mikaelian tells us about how girls are dealing with these pages. >> reporter: it's not just the pages of teen magazines that are glossy. everywhere you look you see glossy lips and thin physiques. miranda remembers pouring o
not revealed the man's authorities or the extent of his injuries. >>> governor jerry brown is proposing a pay cut for state employees. as ken pritchett reports closing the gap will mean millions of the dollars in addition cuts. governor brown's second look at the budget revealed almost nothing but bad news. >> it's a difficult budget, and it reflects the fact that revenues are lower than we expected. the governor says half of the solution to closing a $15.7 billion deficit will come from gaps. they include 5% from state worker pay, saving $402 million in part by shortening the workweek. medi-cal would be cut by $396 million. in home support services will cut $99 million. >> we're going to have to cut deeper. by cutting alone really doesn't do it. >> california voters have rejected the last seven proposed statewide pay increases, they're going to reject them once in november as well. >>> if the governor's tax plan fails he says more cuts will occur, 90% targeting schools. >> this is an addition two weeks. >> reporter: nothing can be done for schools without new revenues. >> i hate the cuts the
wife and daughter to survive a plane crash this weekend. ryan brown is a sacramento firefighters and was piloting the cessna and he says he came upon a storm. when he felt himself dropping, he put it nose first to try to gain some speed. >> it was a choice because i could see the terrain and if i would have nosed the plane in we wouldn't have walked away from it. >> reporter: the browns called for help using their cell phone, the three are in stable condition with back, neck and head injuries. >>> a man accused of three sexual assaults in san francisco's mission district is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. 32-year-old fredrick dozier jr. was arrested back in january after police received a tip from the public. prosecutors say this surveillance video helped them identify dozier as the suspect. they say he is responsible for three sexual assaults from june to december of last year. investigators say each attack was more violent then the last with the last victim choked to the point of becoming unconscious. >>> in eight minutes, san francisco's suspended sheriff, what he sai
with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. >>> on average every day 10 bay area patients undergo hernia surgery using a device we discovered is fraught with problems. we investigation surgical mesh. we want to warn you some of the images in tonight's special report may be difficult to watch. >> reporter: the sacramento prison guard could not lift his kid's rocking horse or even bend over after routine hernia surgery left him in agony. >> it started causing painings -- pain and the pain was progressing. >> reporter: his surgeon had used surgical mesh. >> i'm willing to pay anything just to get rid of the pain because i was depressed. >> reporter: on painkillers he was unable to work until one doctor diagnosed it. >> that doctor practices here in las vegas. and is one of the most outs
that number at 16 billion. if there is any encouraging news it's that brown and the legislative analysts expect the state's economy to improve by the end of the year and the facebook ipo will help. especially if the stock price goes up. >>> and coming up in nine minutes a produce recall. the problem found in some lettuce. >> and now to sonoma where a woman and two dogs died after her car went off the road. the car was found along the lakeville highway shortly before 4:00 p.m. it had been under water for hours. a 60-year-old woman was pronounced dead. at this point the highway patrol hasn't identified her or figured out how the accident happened. >>> the napa coroner has identified the 56-year-old who was struck while riding his bike last night. alfredo hernandez was riding a car drifted on to the shoulder and hit him. the driver, a 20-year-old told officers she may have fallen asleep at the wheel. >> now to the east bay where police in dublin arrested an attorney today for that hit and run crash that killed a bicyclist on tuesday night. the attorney is identified as a 32-year-old spenc
robbery suspect. governor jerry brown prayed saying they protected the state and their own community. >> the clock is kicking on millions of dollars in funding for a uc farming project. it may soon impact jobs and research. south around the bay area at this hour, coming up whether you can expect those temperatures to return for your tuesday. [ man ] it's big. supports in times of need. same with aladdin. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds. bigger because we're better. real big deals of the week. or how to get great prices on things you need. we know you look around for the best deals. that's why we give you real big club card deals each week. this week a crazy low price on tide, $10.99 for 100 ounces. 12 rolls of bounty are $11.99. that's a dollar a roll! pack your lunches -- marie callender's are just 2 bucks. real big deals this week and every week. only at safeway. ingredients for life. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now d
boat's union went on strike yesterday. governor brown has promised an investigation into this disruption. >>> two bay area women known to friends and family as the golden gate twins are celebrating their 75th birthday. the families of marline inas and hines got together to toast the twins that were born 75 years ago. for many years the women had been told the women were born the day the gate opened but the truth was a little more complicated. >> the day that the cars were allowed on the bridge was the day we were born. but they had all the officials there on the 27th. >> a photo of the twins appeared 75 years ago, accompanied an article on the first anniversary of the godden gate bridge -- golden gate bridge. we'll have the story of a bay area woman who walked across the bridge on its opens day. >>> our story continues, coming up at 10:30 we will take you back to san francisco as the celebration of the bridge comes to a close. hopefully at 10:30 the latest concern on the traffic. you can get more information and instant updates on our website just click the
jerry brown joined san francisco major ed lee to mark the anniversary and unveil a new visitor's pavilion. guests of honors included relatives of men who helped make the bridge a reality during the height of the depression. chris kohn thinks of the bridge as a family member. her grandmother was the designer of the bridge. strauss grew up hearing stories about her uncle. >> i feel a strong connection to san francisco even though it's been distant all these years. >> it connects all of us and wherever we are around the world, people say, you know how about the golden gate bridge. >> reporter: the party continues this weekend with a festival along christie field and fireworks lighting up the bridge and the san francisco sky on sunday night. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> has a slide show of historic photos, click on the golden gate for complete anniversary coverage. >>> the state senate approved a bill that would ban employers from asking for social networking passage. the bill by leland yee now go to the assembly. it would make it illegal for
jerry brown is reportedly telling state employees to be prepared for hefty cuts. there is a $9 billion cap to fill. >>> a fierce dust storm called a haboob swept through tucson, arizona today. the national weather service said wind speeds are up to 50 miles per hour with stronger gusts. it moved north of tucson, heading to phoenix where forecasters warned of hazardous driving conditions. there were no reports of injuries or major damage. >>> temperatures have cooled off a bit tonight. a little cooler than last night at this time. the fog is gone from the cost. it's going to try to reform later on tonight. there is a wind, a north gradient keeping the fog south of the area. that will lesson tonight, and the fog will try to slip in like it did this morning underneath that. either way, we're looking for a beautiful day for your thursday. tomorrow looks a lot like today in terms of temperatures. less cloud cover at the coast. lots of mid-80s inland, and lots of 70s right around the bay. as we go into the bay area weekend, it's going to be warmer. tomorrow is thursday, like today. saturday
brown says a shorter school year could be in the works if his tax plan fails in november. he would allow them to dut school by three weeks. >> it's difficult. all of a sudden, have you a random furlough day, amend you have to arrange childcare. >> many california public schools are already in the red. the state says 188 schools may fall short of their financial obligations this school year and next. >>> a san francisco supervisor is creating a stir tonight after he says he used a ouija board to consult the dead before voting on an issue. rita williams tells us whether this was a joke, political theater, something that happens only in san francisco, or perhaps all of the above. >> reporter: something new under the dome of san francisco city hall. decision making by ouija board. >> it is out there. >> ouija board involved in politics sounds very weird to me. >> reporter: we went to city hall to shine the light on ouija gate. the supervisor saying he used a ouija board to contact assassinated gay supervisor harvey milk to see if milk approved of the navy naming a ship after him. >> i should
officials are pushing people to take public transit. the party starts tomorrow when governor jerry brown speaks at the bridge's 75th anniversary dedication ceremony. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu news. >>> has more details on this weekend's celebration. just look for the golden gate tab at 75 right there on our home page. >> facebook unveiled a new camera app for the iphone. the app can be downloaded from apple's i tunes store. users can use fillers, crop or tilt pictures and share them on facebook. the app is similar to instagram. >>> facebook stock closed up for a second day in a row. almost a week after the company had the biggest tech ipo in history, facebook stock was up 3.2%. >>> a seventh grader from hayward has beaten some of the smartest kids to make it to the top three of the national geography bee. >> i'm going to say this is one of the most exciting moments in my life. >> he attends christian school in fremont. the competition started with 4 million students taking part in local competition across the country. >>> they came to sacramento from the bay area w
wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. mom, we're dying. no you're not, you're just hungry. make some totino's pizza rolls. we don't have any! front... left, totino's. [ male announcer ] well done mom! less drama, more fun! totino's pizza rolls. >>> san jose police have arrested an assistant principal at leyland high school on charges of unlawful sexual contact with a minor. police booked joseph jon reghitto. the school principal and another administrator have been placed on leave pending the outcome of an investigation. >>> also tonight we have learned a 6-year-old boy injured in a san jose house fire has died. tuesday's fire was in the coyote creek condominium complex. the boy died this morning in a south bay hospital. the fire also killed a woman in her 50s. her husband is still hospitalized. another child a 12-year-old boy was pulled to safety by his uncle. >>> the tricked out dorm room of a freshman in uc berkeley has been seen by hundreds of
brown hair and hazel eyes. >>> baseball commissioner bud selig said it's up to bud wolf to decide whether he wants to reconsider moving the team. the giants are balking at the idea of having the a's head to the south bay where the giants hold territorial rights. the a's would need the approval of major league baseball if they were to leave oakland. >>> the parks are austin creek, jack london state historic part and sugar loaf ridge all of which are in sonoma. both napa valley in napa and china camp in marin, the nonprofit california state parks foundation says it has received grants of more than $300,000, the money will save the parks from planned closures due to state budget cuts. >>> plans by an indian village to open a casino calls for 3,000 slot machines and card games at the casino. >>> the music world is mourning the loss of the woman known as the queen of disco. donna sommer died after a battle with cancer. debra villalon is live where fans are also remembering the singer. >> reporter: donna somm er songs, and there are many are playing. and people have been up and dancing
. the forecast from lao, if voters approve governor brown's tax hikes. the figures from the lao assume that the price of the stock will hit $45 within 6 months. >>> with a potential tuition hike on the agenda, protesters disrupted a meeting of the board of regents in sacramento today. >> about 15 demonstrators kept the board members from going into a closed door session for about 15 minutes around noon. no arrests were made. the protesters say they're outraged the university of california is considering a 6% tuition increase. if the state slashes education funding. san francisco fire chief, joanne hayes wright will have to pay up. a judge ordered the chief to resume payments to her ex- husband. she had been paying him $3,300 a month. she earns about $300,000 a year as fire chief. >>> firefighters say they're having a tough time putting out a fire in arizona that has already destroyed three humans near a historic mining town. the gladiator fire has burned 2,000 acres since it broke out on sunday. so far, the fire is only 5% contained. the town of crown king was evacuated earlier this we
beliefs. that bill now goes to the state senate. >>> governor brown delivered signatures. a competing pan turned in signatures a few days ago. the governor said his plan would put the state on the road to recovery. >> for more than a decade the budget has been screwed up, an incredible mess, bringing down our credit rating causing a lot of anxiety and uncertainty. >>> the governor's plan would raise 25-cents on sales tax to those who make $250,000 or more a year. >>> the price of oil is going down but the price of gas here in california is still going up. analysts say prices may still go up another 20-cents. inventories are at their lowest levels in years. here in the bay area at least three refineries are undergoing may -- maintenance which has slowed protection. >>> in news of the world tonight in syria, two huge car bombs exploded in demascus killing at least 14 people. suicide bombers detonated the first bomb then as people gathered a second explosion. the initial target was an army station. >>> officials showed the wreckage of a plane that slammed right to the side of a mountain. th
they can be made. governor jerry brown along with his welsh corgi announced he's going to give the campaign a little more time. money from the sales of the plates will go toward free or low cost spay or neuter programs. >>> the dog who was rescued after being dragged from a pickup last week is doing much better. he's living with a woman who fosters dogs as he recovers from surgery. he will be acommented out in about 4 to 6 weeks. the humane society may need a lottery to decide his new family. because so many people want to give him a loving home. >>> welcome back. a few light showers showing up in far northern california. those showers are headed our way by the time they get here they will be light in basically how they fall. we'll see very light showers by afternoon in the peninsula area and south towards san jose. right now, you can see a few clouds out there. you don't see the clouds, but you can see it's not raining. by tomorrow at this time, we'll have a few clouds, and maybe sprinkles lingering in the area. temperatures have been trending down. since the weekend, which was so nice. so
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